Sunday School

Our Sunday school classes begin with a group meeting in the Lower Room. As we gather, we discuss upcoming events and give recognition to achievements and awesome moments that God has done in our students’ lives. Following the announcements time, we divide into grade-level groups to discuss relevant topics, Scripture, and Biblical knowledge.


Sunday  Morning Details:

Who: All 6th - 12th Graders

When: Sunday Mornings at 10:10 a.m.

Where: Lower Room

6th Grade 


7th Grade (Confirmation)


Take a deep breath and get ready to plant yourself in youth group and become a part of the Fusion family! Confirmation at First United Methodist Church of Marietta is a school-year long process involving youth, parents, prayer partners, and clergy. It’s a special time when Confirmands learn about and experience the Christian faith. They learn about the Holy Trinity, the Bible, United Methodism, and how to continue growing as a committed disciple of Jesus Christ.


Entering the Youth Program, 6th graders in Sunday School will learning what the Scriptures are, how thy were formed, and begin walking through stories of the Bible. The goal for their year is developing a good Biblical Literacy foundation that will prepare them for the deep theological and practical lessons they will dive into once they enter Confirmation (their 7th grade year). They are taught by their upcoming Confirmation Coaches in an effort to develop relationships with students as they prepare for Confirmation.


8th Grade - Senior High

8th Graders and Senior spend the fall semester diving into the Scriptures from the perspective of "life application" through various things such as scripture series, theology and film, and life skills lessons. 8th Graders are led by Sunday School volunteers while Senior High are facilitated by the Youth Staff. Throughout the spring semester, 8th graders will get to participate with the Senior High as they begin looking forward into entering their freshman year. 

Sunday School Teachers

6th Grade Teachers:

7th Grade Teachers:

8th Grade Teachers:

9th - 12th Grade Teachers:

Susan and Ray Rodriguez

Leslie and Garry Jenkins

Malissa and Jonathan Kemp

Dina and Brian Parks

Carey and Jack Ison

Anna and Scott Barnes

Amber and Robert Harris

The Youth Staff and Interns