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Mid High Mission Trip 2018

“ In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16)”. This verse was chosen to be a focus of the trip for many reasons, one of these being the service. The service that we did on the Mid High Mission Trip reflects this because the way we served showed others that God gives us all a light that defines us as Christians that we should wear proudly. With this light, it provides us with the power to show others the way of God and how, with this light, we can help others and show them the way so they can connect and walk the path to God. Matthew 5:16 also reflected the overall weekend through small group, and the whole group worships we had nightly.

The primary focus of this weekend for me was how God has given me light and how to show this light make it shine through others too as we grow closer to God together. My experience as an eighth grader on this trip was great. First off the activities that we did were awesome. The game that was the most fun for me was the lip sync battles because I met some other guys on the trip from different grades that I have never talked too and because dancing to funny songs is awesome. Also throughout the trip, we kept a tally of the points of each grade for a competition, and the Eight Graders won of course. Something other than the games that I liked was the service. For me, the primary goal of a mission trip is to show God through myself and his grace as well as I can and one primary way to do this was service.

The first site for our service was Red Springs Baptist Mission Camp where we built shed for homeless people to live in for temporary housing. This experience was like no other because we got to construct, paint, and deconstruct these sheds. When building I felt that I was doing the work because we got to use tools to build the sheds.

The second site for our service was a thrift and food pantry for those in need. The eight grades worked in the food pantry consisting of lifting heavy boxes of cans and other items, weighing them, then organizing them onto pallets so they could be distributed. The third place that we went to was a place where students go to to do their homework. At the site, we organized school supplies for schools around the communities.

This trip was an overall fantastic experience for me, and I would recommend someone for this trip if they would like to help others and grow closer to God which I can honestly say I experienced both over this trip. The trip was put together well even though we had to take a detour to North Carolina instead of Orlando because of a Tropical storm. The mission sites and lessons that we learned worth going on this trip and I can honestly say that I will miss it next year.

- Harrison McClure

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