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Mid High Mission Trip

The mid high mission trip was an experience I will never forget. I learned new things about the world around we and I got closer to God. This was the first time I traveled to do mission work away from marietta. I've done a lot of mission work at the church but never somewhere else. So I was a little nervous but very excited because I had no idea what to expect. I soon learned that I was in God's hands. Not only did I enjoy missions during the day but we also had a series of morning and nightly devotions. I think throughout the whole week the devotions were a very important time in the day that I enjoyed. The mid high mission trip was very special because we got to do something that you can’t do on every mission trip. We got to visit Mike’s uncle's church, which had recently been hit by hurricane Florence. Although they were back in their home church, they still had a lot of work to do. Pastor Brian and the entire church were blown away by the amount of work our youth group was able to accomplish. Once we finished they were so thankful and they even made us lunch. The church we went to is only a congregation of 50 people, and that was very different to me because I have always gone to a church that has a huge congregation! I have always been told that you can have church anywhere. After going to this church, I now know that, because what this church was recovering from. The hurricane was so destructive that they had to have church in a parking lot. They weren't having worship in a church and they still worshiped God with grace.

Be strong be brave, be fearless, you are never alone Joshua 1:9

- Libby Holle

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