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Discovery Weekend - Lily Watters

Throughout my time as a student and a student leader in the youth group, I have experienced many different perspectives of what it is like to learn more about God and grow in my faith but nothing will ever top what I experience during Discovery Weekend. Knowing that Discovery Weekend 2020 would be my last as a high school student, I made it my purpose to be intentional with my small group and my fellow small group leaders. This year my small group consisted of sixth grade girls and I was nervous before the weekend had started. It was a good nervous but I felt challenged as this is the age when you really start to take steps in your faith walk and learn what it’s like to grow in your relationship with God.

I didn’t fully know if I was up to the task but I made it my purpose to be as prepared as possible to lead these girls and impact them in such a way that they would leave the weekend feeling powerful and confident in their faith. Not only did my small group learn a lot but I also learned a lot from them. I learned that even at such a young age, they have so many questions about their relationship with Christ and what that relationship held for them in the future. They asked great questions which often led us into deep conversation. It was amazing to watch them begin to take charge and understand more about their faith.

The other small group leaders I was placed with were such an amazing encouragement and it was great to see how we challenged each other to lead our small group in the right direction. Small group was my favorite time out of every day (as you can tell), but when we weren’t breaking down the lessons that the speakers had laid out for us, we were choreographing dances, spending time with great friends and disconnecting from the real world and really living in the moment. For anyone wondering if they should serve or continue to serve on Discovery Weekend or any Fusion Youth trip in general, the answer is- YES! Whether you are pouring into someone else or you are being poured into, you will gain so much peace from knowing and understanding how much our God truly loves us! Discovery Weekend is truly my favorite weekend of the year and I am so grateful to be able to impact so many people and be impacted by so many of my friends and our God.

- Lily Watters (Senior at MHS)

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