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Discovery Weekend - Grady Jenkins

Discovery Weekend is a remarkable experience for all mid high students. It offers students the chance to spend the weekend worshipping and learning more about God with other Christian students their own age. Over the course of two nights, I got to learn more about God in small groups of kids my own age, got to worship him fiercely with song, and even give back to my community with a mission project. During this weekend, I was able to build my relationship with God with the faithful help of all the senior high leaders and adult volunteers. While establishing a relationship with God is the main goal, you can’t forget to have fun while doing so. Mixed in with the reverence of getting closer to God we were playing games of 9 square and basketball, we had fun small group games, and to tie it off, we had an outstanding lip sync battle performed by our small groups. As a mid high student, I was shown the lovingness of God, and I would definitely return. While the games and fun attracted me to go initially in 6th grade, the growth I had in my faith made me want to return back to Discovery Weekend. I would recommend this to all mid high students so they can have an amazing experience and get closer to Jesus just like I did.

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