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Student Leadership

SERVE TEAM - This team is open to any Senior High Student wanting to serve on Sunday Mornings and Sunday Nights. This team is a little more flexible than having a LEAD ROLE. You sign up to serve on the mornings and nights you are available. Only 2 Mandatory meetings and an interview are required, and there is no planning retreat. An easy entry point for any student wanting to serve and make an impact. You must download the GroupMe app since this is where we will primarily communicate. (Participants have opportunities to move into lead role positions once they have served on a consistent basis and find a role that fits their gifts)


LEAD ROLES - These ROLES are open to any senior high who have been actively and consistently serving on the Student Leadership Team. These students must have served at least 5 out of the 10 fusion worship nights or Sunday Mornings in the spring prior to May 2020. They must be willing to invest their time and energy to serving in this FUSION Youth Ministry for the 2020/2021 school year. These participants MUST ATTEND a Mandatory training on July 26th and MUST attend the Student Leader Retreat following the training unless they have an excused absence which is listed in the covenant. These LEAD Roles have a say in retreats, worship themes, Senior High and Mid High Days Out and more. They will also serve and lead within our normal serve team options on Sunday Mornings and Sunday Nights. 

Rev. Chad A. Loucks

Associate Minister

Abbie Butler

Youth Ministry Assistant

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